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Harley’s Story.

1993- 2011 The stinky old staffy of the high seas. Harley never lived a conventional dog kind of life, he lived a life of travel and adventure by road and the sea. Sailing up and down the coast of Western Australia and Queensland, life on board for Harley was all about picking up the scraps after a toddler and getting to the next beach. His two favorite things, food and the beach.

Harley’s adventures continued on for an amazing 18 years before finally resting on his favorite beach in Western Australia. We named our company after Harley and what he represented, honestly, unconditional love, companionship and pure transparency. We you see is what you get, every time, just like our loyal old dog.

Beautiful things made for Hounds and Humans without harming animals.

Thank you for taking the time to meet Harley.


Nutritional Info

All our treats contain Omega 3 fatty acids which have a role in maintaining normal skin and/or coat ‘AND/OR’ is a extra source of extra energy for animals.

No Added Sugar

No Added Salt

No added preservatives




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This is my dog Coby – he’s 16mths old and has hip dysplasia – which is resulting in arthritis forming in his hips which is very painful. To help support his joints I give him Mila (chia) every day, as opposed to Fish Oil…… the fish oil gave him reflux and he was constantly burping (yuck).. More


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